Vasilev Anatoliy Aleksandrovich-

Director, teacher, Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, the creator of the "School of Dramatic Art".

Vasilev Anatoliy Aleksandrovich-


He was born May 4, 1942. In 1968 he entered the directing department of the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. AV Lunacharsky (GITIS), in the studio Andrei Popov and Maria Knebel. In 1972, the educational theater GITISa lets play "Tales of Old Arbat" (Arbuzov). In 1987 in Moscow, opened six new theaters, among them - "School of Dramatic Art". In 1987, the theater "School of Dramatic Art" begins to travel to many countries around the world. In 1988 Vasiliev was awarded the RSFSR. KS Stanislavsky, in 1989 in France, he was awarded the Order of "Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters." For many years, Vasiliev engaged in teaching activities. In the 80 years he has taught acting and directing at the Advanced Directing Courses, from 1984 to 1991. conducts workshops on film directing courses Solovyov and M. Hutsieva. Since 2004, the head of the director's course at the Higher National School of Performing Arts (ENSATT) in Lyon.

He teaches in the workshop

  • Mikhalkov Nikita Sergeevich


    Mikhalkov Nikita Sergeevich

    Artistic director

    Education program "Acting art in modern conditions" includes general education cycle, where students learn about the history of the interpenetration of theater and cinema, psychology of creativity and language of different arts.


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