Selyanov Sergey Mikhaylovich

Producer, director and screenwriter. Head of production company "STV". Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Association of producers of film and television.

Selyanov Sergey Mikhaylovich


In 1980 he graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK (N.Figurovskogo), in 1989 - the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (workshop Rolan Bykov). As the director made the film "Angel's day" (with Nikolai Makarov, in 1980 (the film was released in 1988) and "Spirit Day". In 1992, he organized and headed the production company "STV". Produced by more than 100 feature films and documentaries, marked on the Russian and international film festivals. Selyanov one of the first to revive the domestic animation - studio "Mill", created with the participation of Sergey Selyanov, today has become a leading animation studio of the country. A cartoon studio "Mill" and the film company "STV" - "Three heroes On Distant Shores ", released in rent in December 2012, grossed a record for our animation cash - $ 30,885,768 and entered the top ten highest-grossing Russian films.

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    Vereshchagin Leonid Emilevich

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    Education in "Producer -21 Century" consists of 280 lectures and seminars 79 hours, 170 hours of training and 219 hours of workshops.


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