Baluev Aleksander Nikolaevich

Film and theater actor

Baluev Aleksander Nikolaevich
I know that there is nothing accidental in this land. All written down somewhere. And everything has an explanation.


In 1980 he graduated fr om the Moscow Art Theatre School for the course Massalsky P. - M. Tarhanova and became an actor of the Theatre of the Soviet Army. The first role in his theatrical career has played in productions of "clock without hands" and "Lady of the Camellias".
In 1986, Alexander Baluev moved to Moscow Theatre. Yermolova (now - Theater Center. Yermolova), wh ere he played leading roles in productions of "The second year of freedom", "Snow, near the prison," "Caligula".
Now active in the entreprise, collaborates with theater Lenk.
Awards and achievements
Prize of the Festival of Young Filmmakers to / from "Mosfilm" in the category "Best Actor" ("Wife Kerosene") 1990
Prize "Kinotavr" in the "Award for Best Actor" for the year 1995 (for his role in the / f "Muslim")
Award "Nika" in the category "Actor" for 1995 (for his role in the / f "Muslim")
IV Prize TV contest "Together» (IV Yalta teleforum) in the nomination "For an interesting actor's embodiment of the image" ("Beyond the wolves", "Amber Wings", "The truth of the moment"), Yalta, 2003.
The prize in the category "Best Actor" at the XIII International Film Festival in Varna in 2005 (for his role in the / f "Order")
FSB Award 2006 in the category "Actor's Work" for the role of Captain Kostin counterintelligence in the television film "Fall of the Empire."
Winner of the "theater-Star" in the category "Best Actor" (2013)

He teaches in the workshop

  • Acting

    Artistic director

    Education program "Acting art in modern conditions" includes general education cycle, where students learn about the history of the interpenetration of theater and cinema, psychology of creativity and language of different arts.


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